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   Society for Integrated Circuit Technology and Applied Research (SITAR) is a Government of India Organization registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 with its registered office at New Dehli.

   SITAR has two units. SITAR, Bangalore established in 2003. The SITAR, Bangalore unit has been renamed as Semiconductor Technology and Applied Research Centre (STARC) and has CMOS ASIC and MEMS fabrication facilities and a Thick film line and IC Assembly facilities. The ASIC Fab has 1µ digital CMOS, DLM and MIL qualified process technology for Processing 150 mm wafers. The MEMS Fabrication Facility has a process capability of making 1µ feature size, deep trenches beyond 100 Microns depth with straight vertical walls and processing 150 mm wafers.

   The other unit-Gallium Arsenide Enabling Technology Centre (GAETEC), Hyderabad is established and merged with SITAR in April 2004



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1. Product Code: DFS0501

Digital Frequency Synthesizer – 68 pin CPGA

This device is a Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer in which the entire signal processing operations that synthesize and tune the sine wave are performed digitally. The conversion from digital to analog takes place at the output of the synthesizer.

a) Operating frequency is 21 MHz.
b) Maximum frequency resolution possible at 21 MHz is 0.025 MHz.
c) Three modes of operation
d) Maximum number of channels: 64.
Pulse Code Waveforms (PCW)
Frequency Modulation (FM)
Coded Frequency Sequences (CFS)

2. Product Code: CMUL9904

Complex Multiplier – 144pin CPGA

The complex multiplier adder multiplies two complex (16+16) bit words every 50 ns and can be configured to output the complete complex (32+32) bit result within a single clock cycle. The data format is fractional two’s complement. The complex multiplier basically operates in two modes:


. Complex Number (16+16) * (16+16) Multiplication
. Full 32 bit- Result
. Clock Rate 20 MHz
. Two’s Complement Fractional Arithmetic
. Complex Conjugation of X or Y
. 4 Cycle Fall Through
. Max. Frequency: 20 MHz

3. Product Code: DSP2000

Digital Signal Processor – 120 pin CPGA

This device is a 16-bit fixed-point digital signal processor. It has three separate computational units: MAC, ALU & SHIFTER. It supports separate external program and data memories. Program memory (PM) can contain both data and code. Data memory (DM) contains only data. This device also supports one instruction Cache, whose size is 16 words x 24 bits. It supports both direct & indirect addressing modes.

4. Product Code: CAM9905

Content Addressable Memory – 120 pin CPGA

This device is an Associative Comparator with two modes of operation: RAM and ASSOCIATE. Each location is accessible in RAM mode and any location can be read or written into. Each word can be set to EMPTY state to indicate that the word doesn’t contain any data or to SKIP state so that the word does not participate in comparison process. In addition, each of the 16-bit data fields of a word can be selectively masked off from participating in the comparison process.


a) 16 word X 48 – bit addressable memory
b) Maximum frequency 15 MHz.


5. Product Code: DMT


This is a custom made discrete Depletion mode n-MOSFET device with following features

1. Carrier mobility ~700 cm2/V-sec
2. Threshold voltage -0.3 to -1.0 V
3. Input impedance (dc) 1014 W
4. Reliability 10 Years
5. Channel Width/Length (W/L) 50 or 100 or larger
6. (To obtain large transconductance and low noise).
7. Leakage current across Gate-Source, Gate-Drain, Gate-Substrate should be lesser than nano amperes (10-9 A).

6. Product Code: PP9903

Pythagoras Processor –84 pin CPGA

A Pythagoras Processor which can be configured to convert Cartesian to Polar co-ordinates. This chip converts 16-bit real X and 16-bit imaginary Y inputs into 16-bit magnitude R and 12-bit phase q outputs. The CORDIC (Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer) algorithm is implemented to perform the co-ordinate conversion.










Foundry services :


SITAR has dedicated CMOS process line housed in class 10 clean rooms. The process line is monitored through in line quality measures.

SITAR can provide:

  • Fabrication Services
  • Design services
  • Packaging services
  • Thick film services
  • Unit level processing service
A customer can enter at any stage:
  • Concept stage, SITAR will take up design and device processing.
  • Front end completed, SITAR will take up back end up to device processing.
  • Both front end and back end completed, SITAR will generate Mask data and process the device.



On Going Activity

SITAR at present is engaged in design, development of sensors for diversified applications like Medical Image Sensing and Therapy Monitoring Unit. The other type of sensors under consideration are Pressure Sensors and Accelerometers for different ranges.


Human Resources


SITAR nourishes the best available Microelectronic expertise available within the country.

  • Top level management - headed by doctorates from premier institutes with decades of experience in the field of Microelectronics
  • Fab and Services Facilities are supported by dedicated graduates, engineering graduates and diploma holders who form the backbone of the entire fab activity
  • Middle level - Managed by engineering graduates & postgraduates from all the branches of engineering from reputed institutes
  • Dedicated manpower for
                            Quality and  
                            Environment Pollution Control

Multi disciplinary staff with decades of experience in semiconductor processing and microelectronics

SITAR believes in recognizing and rewarding work excellence through

  • Higher & Multi Responsibilities
  • Promotions and Career development
  • Individual rewards
  • Variable bonus based on teamwork

SITAR management philosophy amply reflects the importance of teamwork and staff core values


ASIC manufacturing process which is an extremely complicated process with hundreds of sequential operations demand perfect teamwork and coordination without which no product can come out. SITAR management has clearly understood this fact and has put all its efforts towards achieving this goal.




SITAR promotes a Total Quality Culture – beginning with capturing the customer specifications in Customer Contract Review and ensuring delivery of defect free product to the customer.  This is achieved by a clearly defined quality plan for each process and total involvement of every one in sustaining and successfully executing the quality plan.

SITAR has given utmost importance to safety and environment by incorporating the same in its Quality Policy.


The Quality Policy has been developed by top management based on the following requirements:

  • Appropriate to the purpose of SITAR
  • Includes commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS
  • Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing Quality Objectives
  • Is communicated and understood within the organization and Reviewed for continuing suitability

Top management ensures that Quality Policy is communicated to all employees. It is posted in prominent places throughout the facility to maintain high standards within the society. It is included in New Employee Orientation on the Quality Management System. As and when Quality Policy is amended, changed or revised by the top management, the same is communicated throughout the society.

Quality Manual



Business Opportunities


SITAR Welcomes partners – Private and Public to explore business opportunities with SITAR in the field of microelectronics by:

Ø Funding Collaborative Projects that are mutually beneficial

Ø Funding prototype development projects that can lead to commercially viable products

Ø Marketing SITAR products

Ø Utilizing SITAR fab and Unit Services

Ø Tie-ups for implementing advanced technologies and products with buy-back policies







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